Our Story

HRTVSH Limited was formed in 2007 as the vehicle for the development of HumanRightsTV. The aim of HumanRightsTV was to create an on-line video archive documenting human rights issues and making the content freely available to aid and support critical enquiry. Over time many others took the name Human Rights TV and pursued business models around the idea. As a result, by 2010, despite having achieved many firsts in a short history, HumanRightsTV secured its archive and closed down its website distribution.

HRTVSH Limited took a step back and started to develop a new conceptual base as an educational publisher. Now, in 2019, the company is developing authors and artists who are committed first to integrity rather than grasping at a profit. HRTVSH will publish freedom wherever it is to be found. The freedom to be a creative artist is the essential pre-requisite of human civilisation’s aspiration to rise above simple, animal behaviour and achieve great things.

HRTVSH looks to occupy a small niche in the world of publishers rather than aim for larger goals. We look after our artists and writers, we guide their progress towards the results they want to achieve and we seek creative quality in all that we do. This dedication to creativity relies on those artists and writers who possess true insight and are dedicated to their vocation. We look to see if these creative people have a clear and distinct voice and then we support the voice in all aspects of production.